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33 Chilean Miners And The Evidence You Missed Of Occult Re-birth
by Paul J.C. Ropper

 On the 5th of August 2010 there began a drama to which the whole world was privy when 33 miners became trapped underground in the San-Jose copper mine in the Atacama Desert 28 miles north of Copiapo in northern Chile, South America.
 The men survived underground for a record 69 days before their spectacular rescue, which was broadcast live all around the world in what was to many a strange and suspiciously occult ‘re-birthing’ ceremony.

 At the time many researchers picked up upon the spectacle and commented upon it mainly because of the number of men who were trapped inside the mine - 33. This number has well known occult significance most notably through the Masonic system of initiation that has 33 degrees through which their alumni pass. Also Jesus was 33 years old when he was crucified and was resurrected to life.
 These people who commented upon the significance of the re-birthing ceremony, it’s link to the occult Masonic number 33 and it’s unusually huge reaction from leading figures and governments around the world (who don‘t usually give a rats ass when bad things happen to small numbers of people in third world countries), all seemed sure that this in fact was a globalised occult re-birth ceremony. But still many fail to see the further evidence of the occult right before their eyes, the secret 'nod' to those in the know hidden in plain sight.
 This is how the whole spectacle of the Chilean re-birthing ceremony ended up on nearly every T.V. screen in the world and how so many world leaders who wouldn’t normally give two hoots ended up celebrating the eventual rescue, they were in the know. From David Cameron to the Disney Corporation.

[Cameron awards 33 bottles of beer to the Chilean miners - http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/Cameron-Pinera-Chile-miners/2010/10/18/id/374041

Disney celebrates rescue of Chilean miners (notice the picture of a band of South-American looking skeletons playing instruments at the Disney theme-park) http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2011/01/chilean-miners-honored-at-walt-disney-world-resort/ ]
 So I’ll explain what it is that they saw. It was everywhere, the symbolic message ( ‘we are the builders’ ) and was, long before even the rescue got started, on just about everything that you could see in the areas above the mine, shown in every video clip and filmed report on the incident.

Below: 'Phoenix'

It was the colours - red, white, and blue - which were emblazoned in plain sight on everything, even the free t-shirts handed out to the rescuers.

 Even the shuttle that was used on the 13th of October 2010 to bring the miners to safety, ’phoenix’ (or ’fenix’) was decorated with red, white and blue.

 Many of the rescuers and bystanders, families etc. were dressed in the red, white and blue theme. There were ribbons of these colours and the rescue equiptment was decorated with these colours.

 The happy coincidences just kept happening for those ‘in the know’, not only had exactly 33 miners been trapped underground in Chile, but also by good fortune or the power of unseen forces the Chilean flag is red, white and blue (well, a sort of an orangey red, but this didn’t deter those with power and their eye on symbolism from using full on natural red for everything from the rescuers clothing to the colours painted on the rescue shuttle). So this symbolism could be used in plain sight with the added bonus of plausable deniability.

The Chilean flag
 Red, white and blue is a highly symbolic colour arrangement for Masonic lodges and chapter (i.e. organisations like the Knights Templar and the Royal Arc) because of their claims to a mythological lineage going back to the ancient pyramids and the occult religious practises of the Egyptians. All Masonic lodges are classed as either red or blue lodges. Blue and white are the only colours which should be used to decorate a Master’s lodge.

Below: Masonic Lodge

The freemasons claim famously to have built the great pyramids of Egypt (along with other famous buildings like the original temple upon the Temple Mount at Jerusalem), and because of this they use the symbolism of a pyramid liberally on all sorts of items and documents related to their groups and their activities.

The symbol of 'the builders'
 As you may or may not be aware in 1983 the three largest pyramids at Giza were noticed to line up with the constellation of Orion. It was an observant and quite interesting fellow named Bauval who first publicly noted this correlation between the three largest pyramids and the three stars of Orion’s belt. It has since been noted that all the pyramids are in positions that correlate to the positions of the other stars that make up the constellation of Orion. Also, to continue this hypothesis the river Nile is also placed in relation to the pyramids as the Milky-Way is positioned in relation to the stars of Orion.

Osiris - notice the crown

 Orion is named after Osiris, the sun god of re-birth and the chief god of the ancient Egyptian pantheon. Osiris is typically depicted as a green skinned man, his body partially wrapped in bandages like a mummy up to his waist, wearing a distinctive red, white and blue crown with two Ostrich feathers on either side, carrying a crook and a flail. The Kings of Egypt were associated with Osiris in death — as Osiris rose from the dead they would, in union with him, inherit eternal life through a process of imitative magic. Through the hope of new life after death Osiris began to be associated with the cycles observed in nature, in particular vegetation and the annual flooding of the Nile, through his links with Orion and Sirius rising at the new year.
Osiris is the God of death and rebirth, and his back-story is one of death, the underworld and re-birth. In this tale Osiris, the chief God of life after death, had a brother called Set (sometimes Seth) who was the God of the underworld. Set longed for Osiris’s throne as lord of the afterlife, and so one day tricked his brother into climbing into a box, which he then sealed and set adrift upon the river Nile. When Osiris’s wife, the goddess Isis, found and opened the box containing Osiris he was already dead but using her magic she returned her husband to life long enough for him to impregnate her with her son, Horus. Seth found out and searched out his brother’s body - tearing it into 14 pieces. Later Isis went on a quest to find Osiris’s body parts and re-uniting them (minus one piece, she couldn’t find his phallus) and used the consensus of the other Gods powers to return Osiris to life again.

 The three most notable stars of the Orion constellation which represents Osiris (are listed in order here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orion_(constellation) look halfway down the page) are Betelgeuse, Rigel, and Bellatrix.
 Betelgeuse is red, Rigel is blue, Bellatrix is white, and hence the colour coding of red, white, and blue are symbolic of Orion, or Osiris.

The apron of a past-master
 Red, white and blue is symbolically worked into Gnosticism in many ways. All Masonic lodges are either red or blue lodges. They apply all kinds of symbolism to a full range of colours, red, white and blue plus purple and green, but the three colours together - red, white and blue - can symbolise Osiris, just as they seem to of symbolised re-birth to the Egyptians.

York rite Red/white/blue

The white & the red crowns of upper & lower Egypt

 There were three crowns of Egypt, a selection worn by the pharaohs - you guessed it - the red crown of lower Egypt, the white crown of upper Egypt and the blue battle crown of Egypt. As far as I can find no other writer has ever noted before that the crown of Osiris seems to be a conglomeration of all three of the Egyptian crowns, being as it is red, white and blue, amoungst the other connections that exist with the rest of the information above.

The blue war crown of Egypt
 If the Orion/Osiris symbolism had found it’s way into the re-birth ceremony surroundng the rescue of the 33 miners then it wouldn’t be the first time this symbolism has turned up in unusual places.

Original Apollo insignia

  The Project Apollo insignia was a disk circumscribed by a band displaying the words “Apollo” and “NASA.” The center disk bore a large letter “A” with the three stars of Orion’s belt positioned so that its three central stars formed the bar of the letter. To the right was the Earth, with the Moon in the upper left of the center disc. The Moon’s face represented the mythical god Apollo. A double trajectory passed behind both spheres and through the central stars. (Re-birth through space travel..?).

…but because most folks don’t know the significance of the red white and blue symbolism for Osiris most folks don’t notice the peculiarly coloured moon representing Betelgeuse, the white capital ‘A’ representing Bellatrix and the blue earth representing Rigel continue the Osiris symbolism in this, the original emblem of the very first Apollo mission which put the first men on the moon.
 So you’ll have to decide for yourselves. The red, white and blue sloshed so brazenly upon everything we saw at the site where rescuers worked to free the 33 miners from the underworld might have signalled Chilean patriotism to many who were involved in the drama. But symbolism, hidden in plain sight, must always pass as something innocent and mundane to those who are not ‘in the know’ if it is to succeed. This combination of colours is representative of occult re-birth in Egyptian (and therefore Masonic, too) occultism, whether it is also the colours of Chile's flag or not.
 I'm open minded, but I'd conclude that a string of coincidences, starting with there being exactly 33 miners trapped in the underworld, could easily have allowed the members of global secret societies to celebrate an occult re-birthing ceremony disguised beneath a vaneer of Chilean patriotism.

Paul J.C. Ropper 07 June 2011