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Copyright 2010 Paul C. Ropper. All rights reserved.
Dedicated to my father Derek, and my mother Elizabeth.
Foreword to Part 1
This is designed to help the reader understand the deceits and pressures used by plutocrats to enslave the global masses. This is written to describe a system which is the international global ruling reality and whilst doing so also to look at the expediencies that support it. In part 1 we look at the corruption of science, with an exposé of the society of subversive Marxist globalist scientists and politicians who's plans were dreamed up between the world wars and who because of the dark events of 1940 were catapulted into the highest levels of power within the U.K.
Through declassified MI5 files we link the society's leader, Solly Zuckerman - the U.K.'s first ever chief scientific advisor to H.M. Government - to his shadowy protector and benefactor, the one time MI5 disinformation and propaganda specialist Baron Nathan Rothschild, the head of the Rothschild banking clan.

The A.B.C. of Freedom
Part 1

Pay attention now like your life depends on it, there will be no excuses later.
This is an A.B.C., a reminder that with your birth-rights also come your birth-responsibilities, and be warned, stand on notice that the former cannot endure without the latter.

 .-You are programmed, deceived and manipulated on a daily hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute basis. You always have been. Using methods born of war* your way of life, outlook and psyche are structured externally, artificially. No-one is immune, even awareness of the techniques used against you are no guarantee of immunity. (*See below.)

.-It doesn’t matter if you’re a Nazi, communist, or liberal, if you’re an absolutist it all amounts to the same in the end.

Political correctness is neither factual correctness nor moral correctness, it is simply political correctness.

.-Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty. (Plato.)

Real freedom is not and can never be granted by the state, real freedom can only ever be maintained by the individual who would be free.

Globalisation is treason.

..-Capitalism can be divided into two distinct forms.
1.Bridled Capitalism is a tool of society which is checked by a superior body; parliament, president, the people or the law. By nature it is honest and stable (i.e. one hundred measures of grain are worth five measures of silver, and will always be worth five measures of silver until someone finds more silver or there is a harvest or similar event).

2.Unbridled Capitalism is the master of society, is unchecked and has no superior body; parliament, president, the people and the law are all subservient. By nature it is dishonest (“I promise to pay the bearer on demand…” = fiction.) Unbridled capitalism is unstable, but has never been intended to be anything else, remember the sole ideology is greed, not stability. The instability is a tool of unbridled capitalism - slash and burn. (We will deal separately with other tools of unbridled capitalism such as propaganda and political correctness which are used to create, spread and maintain suitable conditions for unbridled capitalism to thrive; such conditions as degeneracy, disinterest and corruption.)

Capitalism is like a train. A train is a useful tool in society and should be applauded when it gets the goods delivered on time, but conversely a run-away train is a danger to everyone and needs to be stopped. Today in the west capitalism is not a tool of society but rather it is the master of society, a replacement for culture, religion, morality and freedom. We no longer live in a merely “capitalist” society with traditional checks and balances, this train has no brakes. We do in fact live in an “unbridled capitalist” society, a run away train careering at brake-neck speed fuelled by the flames of desire, greed upon a truly global scale.

When material self interest not only supersedes in authority but usurps and completely replaces the natural checks and balances in society then that society goes from being a merely "capitalist" society and becomes an "unbridled capitalist" society.

Britains' transformation into unbridled capitalism can be traced to (circa) June 1940 when a blueprint for "total war" was enacted, a materialist scientific experiment which was never repealed - only built on and continued up until this very day.
 It should be painfully obvious to everyone living in the effects of the recent financial crash that this overarching system we live under is inherently unstable and basic logic screams out loud that it is unsustainable in it’s current form with it’s continually increasing rates of growth. This was apparent even before this latest crash. I am not an economist, I had little understanding of the arcane mumbo-jumbo which such people as economists and politicians use to confuse the issues in public, and yet for 18 months before the financial crash I warned everyone I spoke to, every time I opened my mouth that a financial crash was imminent simply for the reasons I am outlining here. It was blatantly obvious yet so many people apparently failed to see it coming… or did they? Any normal, decent, law-abiding person who might have had a notion or some disquieting feelings about the intensity of societies wanton greed, worries perhaps about where it was all leading too, would have been still been subject to the methods of public manipulation used by those same elements who both profited from - and caused - this situation.
 -Propaganda theory says:The term propaganda may also refer to false information meant to reinforce the mindsets of people who already believe as the propagandist wishes. The assumption is that, if people believe something false, they will constantly be assailed by doubts. Since these doubts are unpleasant (see cognitive dissonance), people will be eager to have them extinguished, and are therefore receptive to the reassurances of those in power. For this reason propaganda is often addressed to people who are already sympathetic to the agenda. This process of reinforcement uses an individual's predisposition to self-select "agreeable" information sources as a mechanism for maintaining control.” (Wikipedia).

Whether we’re all law abiding people or not everyone enjoys there shiny goods, also -sadly- combined with this fact a failure to differentiate between bridled and unbridled capitalism may of meant that many people just didn’t want to contemplate the glaring flaws in the current system, and were open to the full dynamic effects of the constantly applied methods of social manipulation because they associated a vague general concept of capitalism with their own access to shiny things and they just didn’t want the feelings of insecurity brought on by the obvious signs of looming insecurity. Happy to be divested of their nagging doubts you could say ignorance is bliss - (con artists, who are akin to propagandists do have a saying about how it’s impossible to con an honest man. Stings usually employ the promise of easy money or desirable outcomes to the person being ripped-off). 

Unbridled capitalism, reliant on constant growth at an ever increasing rate conforms to the typical pattern of a pyramid scheme, the propensity for these schemes to fail catastrophically as financial structures is well known, but it’s important to realise that being a stable financial structure is not the unbridled capitalist's pyramid systems function, its’ prime purpose being to enrich the few controlling the scheme, all else in its’ systems and manifestations are a matter of expediency* (freedom, democracy, etc). Remember their ideology is fundamental and simple, “greed is good”.

This is demonstrated in ‘Science In War’ [1940]: [further details of this document occur later, also.]
 “… men and women can be thought of from two points of view. In the first place they may be considered as human beings with rights to freedom, health, and happiness. Second we may regard them simply as productive agents, like so many machines. It is morally and politically wrong to omit the first point of view. The war can only be justified if it is being fought in the interests of the people of Britain, who include the … workers. Nevertheless, because there are people who think that it should be wholly neglected, these statements are based entirely on the effects of conditions on output.

 Bridled capitalism is common sense, the failed political experiments in communism in the 20th century were doomed because capitalism is the natural expression of human interaction. As world history demonstrates the human, being born with an inbuilt compass that orientates towards truth and fairness, has up until very recently in history kept the functions of capitalism subordinate to ruling ideologies and their cultural principles of morality and law rather than visa-versa, as in the situation we have now.

 Do not confuse real capitalism (the tool) with unbridled capitalism (the master). The latter masquerades as the former. This is just one more of the fictions on which unbridled capitalism is founded and maintained.

 Capitalism is common sense, the failed political experiments in communism in the 20th century were doomed because capitalism is the natural expression of human interaction. As world history demonstrates the human, being born with an inbuilt compass that orientates towards truth and fairness, has up until very recently in history kept the functions of capitalism subordinate to ruling ideologies and their cultural principles of morality and law rather than visa-versa, as in the situation we have now. 

  The methods and tools which enable this, and achieve these ends (social control and the maintenance of unbridled capitalism) are of course ancient, but add to them, as Churchill put it at the time “..the lights of perverted science” and you have the beginnings of the modern effective tools of social control. In the U.K. this began circa June 1940.

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