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Welcome folks. This is the A.B.C. Of Freedom Website.
At present we have Part 1 of the book 'A.B.C. Of Freedom' published in full and final format ready for you to read at your pleasure. 

 The A.B.C. is so titled because understanding the basic observations presented in it's pages is fundamental to understanding the deceits and pressures used by plutocrats to enslave you.

Part 1
of the A.B.C. is an exposure of a society of subversive Marxist scientists and politicians, the 'Tots and Quots' who in the period leading up to world war two had developed plans for the scientifically precise control of society.
 The dark events of 1940 catapulted this society's members into the positions of importance from which they enacted these plans, developing and implementing the form of social manipulation which is known today as 'communitarianism'. Through declassified MI5 files we link the society's leader, Solly Zuckerman - the U.K.'s first ever chief scientific advisor to H.M. Government - to his shadowy protector and benefactor, the one time MI5 disinformation and propaganda specialist Baron Nathan Rothschild, the head of the Rothschild banking clan.
 Whilst telling the tale of the origins of communitarianism (the source of the political correctness we endure under to this day) we also define the ruling ideology of the globalist world. We define for the first time ever the difference between 'capitalism' - the tool of society, and 'unbridled capitalism' - the master of society.


 The first bit of the second part. We look at the forces that underpin unbridled capitalism as plutocrats source of worldly power - Desire and The Cult Of State Granted Liberty. (click the highlighted text to read it now).


In the this section we deal with the creation of money and the creation of debt - both tools of plutocratic power. This is a unique insight that will give you the understanding to be able to interprit the factors that control your life. We put into a few pages the insight that will enable you to understand the whole picture. - Money & Debt, The Secrets Of Control

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