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Foreword from the author

 This is the final bit of Part 2. I had to change the subject order from the original book so that I could serialise it for you, and re-producing it in short sections makes it easier to read for people who don't have time to sit and read a full e-book through their browser from start to end. It also made it easier for me to find the time to both proof read, correct and re-write the text whilst at the same time learning to build web sites. There is a part 3, which I'll publish here A.S.A.P. and there is also going to be a Part 4.

 I RE-EDITED AND CORRECTED THE TYPOS IN THIS CIRCA MIDNIGHT 03 JUNE, about 6 hours after publishing it. I'd been writing on the spot to tie up the loose ends left over from dividing up the chapter - sorry if you read it in between.

Inevitabilities Of The Addiction To Greed

 Right at the beginning of the A.B.C. I wrote that for at least eighteen months before the financial crash I told everyone I could, almost every single time I opened my mouth to speak that the crash was about to happen, and that it would be the beginning of the world changing for ever. It was blatantly obvious to me that after fourteen years of unprecedented expediential growth we would soon be hitting the point where certain inevitabilities started to kick in and effect the world - and every soul upon it. The crash was not only the end of something - the death of the seventy year generation that began at the 1938-1939 turning point when the birth pangs of the new world era of the second part of the twentieth century became critical - the financial crash of 2008 was also the point where the birth pangs of the new age of mankind became critical; And Just like seventy years before, in 2008 we hit a point of inevitability.

If you already read Part 2:I ('Desire And The Cult Of State Granted Liberty') then you know that desire is to most of the traditions of human wisdom known to be the ruling force in this world. I’m not a big fan of sci-fi but a good analogy would be to describe the power of desire as the dark-side of the ‘force’. If you don’t fight it, if you don’t have the empathy and conscience required to put the brakes on it before it goes too far within your heart and mind then it will absorb and corrupt you utterly. There are even those who have given themselves up to the belief that greed is good. They worship desire, they believe wrong to be right and right to be wrong. Their materialistic religion is the law of the jungle - the fundamentalist religion of self worship, and though desire will eventually consume them as it consumes all who allow it to burn within them unfettered they are seduced by it's power. In turn they seduce others and wield the power of unbridled capitalism to control and manipulate the path of mankind.
 Remember these plutocrats in their upside-down, reversed view of the world and through their wish to justify there actions if only to themselves believe themselves to be philanthropists. From the point of view of the plutocrat we are now a race with nuclear and biological weapons, and divisions like nation statehood promote a possibility of nuclear exchange which could effect everyone or even wipe out the entirety of life from the face of the planet. In their view we need a strong overlord for our own good to keep order (even if they were the ones developing the weapons to sell to governments all along). They think of such things as species limiting factors, for instance a limiting factor on a population of foxes might be the availability of rabbits, and they apply it to mankind as a generalised mass, failing to see it as an individual national problem. They do this because it is convenient to their megalomania.

 There are inevitabilities that must have been realised by people all over the world but to which most often I suspect they shut their minds, inevitabilities built into the pyramid systems of unbridled capitalism with there ever accelerating rates of economic growth, growth which is built on the consumption of finite resources whilst simultaneously accruing unnecessary debt as the expedient by-product.

 There is the inevitability of slavery, and there is the inevitability of destitution, but that is not necessarily all to be stored up and expected at the time of the inevitable full stop when resources come to an absolute end, I’m considering here that (long?) before we get to the point when the dial finally reads “empty” we shall first come to the point when expediential growth no longer being possible we find ourselves in a state of heightened conflict. I’m considering this inevitability foremost because we certainly face it in our lifetimes. I don’t for one moment believe that this reality is unforeseen and therefore unplanned for by those who believe that through the invention of money (un-wealth - see A.B.C. Part 2:II ‘Money and Debt Creation, The Secrets Of Control’) they can own all that there is upon the earth, discovered and undiscovered. At the moment there still exists the potential for the growth of unbridled capitalism, growth into the largely “undeveloped” and largely Muslim controlled countries*, and hence such mysterious events as September the eleventh and the 7/7 mass-murders take on a more realistic motive than the official conspiracy theories telling the poorly maintained Swiss-cheese like tales of mentally unbalanced persons, motiveless but slightly different from you and I, who full of hate for our freedoms and democracy decided to complete randomly timed acts of outrage, which all happen to take place just now - when expansion of the markets is also ‘by coincidence’ required . With no organisation between the separate acts** wouldn’t that make these the most peculiar set of co-incidences in history? These are acts which just incidentally fulfil all the criteria of the time honoured tradition of false flag atrocities used by the state that sees advantage in taking it’s people to War.

*(Capitalistically undeveloped to the standards of ‘total war’ that we are accustomed to in the west).

**(Except the insinuation of Al Quieda, the Goldstein predicted by George Orwell and a self fulfilling prophecy created by the plutocratically controlled governments).

 We will fight these wars, lives will be lost, souls will be lost and spirits will be shattered. Of course all most of us will end up with is the debt, because it will be sold to us, through our 24 hour ‘news services’ as our war, and all the expenses will be passed on to us the individuals through that mysterious thing we are being trained to accept as ‘the deficit’, and as we can see at the present time with the actions of our hilariously undemocratically selected and unfair government and it’s puritanical drive towards pay cuts, inflation and gross taxation (all said to be to ‘cut the deficit’) the lower one is in the financial pyramid the more you apparently owe in to the pyramid scheme*.

*(we‘ve seen this month, September 2010 that the very poorest are loosing 20% of their income whilst those who are the very richest loose to the international bankers just 1.5% of our income.) - (It’s now May, 2011, and whilst proof reading and editing this I thought I’d add that earlier this month Forbes, who publish the Forbes 100 rich list have assured us that the recession is not effecting the super rich, who as ever are prospering. What a surprise? The B.B.C. portrayed this as a good thing).

 Debt becomes an increasingly important factor the closer we come to the point of inevitability mentioned above, or perhaps to be more specific that sentence should read ‘debt becomes an increasingly important factor of control the closer our international oligarchs perceive our unbridled capitalist anti-culture to be in relation to this point of inevitability where the pyramid scheme finds it’s need for ever accelerating growth compromised by the trifling matter of reality, what with the world being uncooperatively finite in resources’.

 Being artificially manufactured in secrecy even whilst you read, debt is the favoured tool for the control of granted-liberty by the hidden hand of the plutocrats who by definition find need to remain invisible to the masses (perhaps partly for fear, having learned the lessons of history). Debt is the perfect tool for the hidden hand of compulsion.

 If you're bright you might wonder how debt can both be artificial and the result of dwindling resources, but yes it can be and is both, without need for doublethink. It was always going to be the levelling out of resources that stopped the expediential increase in growth long before any shutting down of resources. It’s not so much the exhaustion of resources we are experiencing currently in the post second millennium world but the fear of the inevitability of the levelling out and eventual exhaustion of resources.

 Debt is a critical national problem now because to any nation that partakes in it unbridled capitalism is like a drug addiction, it’s like smoking crack-cocaine to a western nation and once it has indulged itself it is dragged down into a horrible stinking mire of self-perpetuating, self-destructive and villainous activity. Having some superiorities, as all the various types of peoples and cultures have their differing strengths and personalities (wow, a real live thought crime and I just committed it to paper, gosh I must be pure evil eh? Call the Thought Police and drag me off to the Ministry of Love for my appointment with O’Brian’s rat) we in the west historically speaking have had in recent centuries the most advanced science and industry*. Simply to expedite the goal of the international unbridled capitalist powers (i.e. greed) who’s contrivances state that all men are entirely identical because it wishes to compel the reduction of everyone (special, wonderful and different people from every quarter of the globe) into identical units of output which ultimately makes us easier to rule over as a single identical mass** all of the scientific and industrial expertise of this country (and similar expertise in other western countries) which should of stayed on these shores has been internationalised. Other countries had their gifts too, we could never sustain a large population because we simply do not have the agricultural land to feed huge numbers of people whilst other countries may have vast landmass for growing food, or perhaps precious reserves of oil, or minerals, or forests teeming with exotic and valuable flora and fauna*** but we had know-how and built the industry to use it. When a nation behaves like a drug addict and commit’s the act of self-betrayal, that is to say when it indulges it’s greedy rich few in the international unbridled capitalist system it commits itself to this levelling of the world into one easily ruled mass and through the expediencies of unbridled capitalism, with the single goal of greed as the aim, our science and industry was spread all over the world which served the purpose of enriching the few who took this selfish action but left the rest of us in a spiralling decent locked into the vices of the drug addiction that is unbridled capitalism. The evidence for this is there right in front of your eyes every day in the replacement for science and industry which we have in modern Britain, that is to say the ‘financial services sector’. We’ve not just got addicted to crack, we’re in that deep we ourselves have now become the dealers, dealing drugs instead of going to work. How disgraceful is this?

*(Only recently. Ancient China and the middle east had scientific superiorities prior to this. I’ll leave it open as to why we have, or rather had this strength in science and industry, it may be we were just born with it as a gift or it may be because our ancestors went around the world in ships raping and pillaging and having a high old time of it nicking ideas from other parts of the globe, or it may be a combination of several different views on this. It’s not my part to determine this but it is my part to say that true freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four and instead of trying to brainwash this essential freedom out of me, as society does to every one of us, [yet again, you’ve guessed it, as an expediency of the system of greed] they might as well come for me with the cattle truck.)

**(Dividing conquered populations by mixing them up wholesale was a cynical trick used historically by empire builders like the Babylonians. We’re not talking about a valid and healthy amount of migration we are talking about a deliberately calculated trick not born from philanthropy but from a destructive lust for power. If you ever wish to research this note the Babylonians were more often referred to as the Chaldians, Chaldian being their ethnicity or tribe and Babylon their city capital.)

***(Another issue stems from this, or issues, the destruction and extinction of species which if not expeditiously wiped out to fulfil the short term greed of a few would have provided masses of potential medicines and similar desirable gifts.)

 Like an organism the unbridled capitalist pyramid empire must constantly feed and grow and feed ever faster to expedite this growth if it is going to complete it’s goal, greed which is an all consuming global greed, for the organism can see the whole world uncovered now and desires it for it’s own belly, and believing this to be a survival of the biggest, fittest (methods developed as ‘total war’ theory by clever fools like Solly Zuckerman - see A.B.C. Part 1) and fattest type of situation, and not willing to believe in the goodness of man and fearing that any let up in it’s drive towards the consumption of everything will mean that some other foul power will emerge to do the same thing the organism insinuates into or denies all things to seek to grow to full maturity in all corners of the world, including the places that are outside its current territory. The levelling of mankind into one indebted mass will be the outcome if the beast is not restrained.



 There is Part 3 on it's way. In Part 3 we'll look at the accessories of control. Mainly we’ll be exposing the sources and methods of propaganda in the unbridled capitalist semi-global empire - as you’ll see.

Paul J.C. Ropper 03 June 2011

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