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The Sophie Scholes Award Winning Poem - 'FREEDOM'. by Carly Hayes, aged 12.

A.B.C. REVIEW: Sophie Scholes was a German girl who started the "white rose" movement protesting against Hitler and his regime at a time when everyone around her supported the system - she (and her friends) were murdered for their non-violent protest.

We find it encouraging that from the mouths of children, the next generation, we hear truths that adults in our generation are too afraid or too brainwashed to voice. The content in this poem proves there is yet hope, and should encourage us all to carry on the good fight - what ever the odds. If we won't do it for ourselves then let us stand up and fight for them, for their freedom.

                                                                           'FREEDOM' by Carly Hays. Aged 12

We are born on a planet of beauty and grace

Though, we have no free choice of our culture or race

But we have what we need to survive in this place

If we respect what’s around, live in nature’s embrace

Why then do you tell me I cannot be free?

Have to live by your laws that make no sense to me

Have no right to the land, where I stand, without fee

Have no right to protest when I do not agree.

Morals and truth left for money and power

The few control all whilst the many just cower

More join the needy, outcast every hour,

Their whole lives controlled from an ivory tower.

So let’s throw off the shackles and see the big scene

The world is to share, not be wrapped up in greed

Take back the truth, cast out bitter and mean

Live our lives to the full in a world of the free.

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