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Foreword to Part 2.

 In Part 1 we defined the system that supplies the plutocrats with their worldly power and we looked at the foundations of social control through the manipulation of science. In this, the START OF Part 2 we look at some of the anti-virtues that underpin unbridled capitalism. We look at Desire, the well spring of human suffering and the cult of state granted Liberty, the goddess of Babylon.

A.B.C. Of Freedom Part 2.

 Before we look at some of the hands on methods of social control we should first consider the nature of our society’s ruling ideology. Later we will consider the accessories of control such as propaganda and political correctness. More fundamental than these are the integral controlling factors which indivisibly underlie the very nature of our ruling reality.

 Unbridled capitalism is a nihilistic reality more than it is an ideal, although some (especially in the United States of America) have recently been accused of making almost a religion out of capitalism by way of their repeated statements of faith in the premise that letting the markets sort out every problem in the world is the way to go. (To arrive at Utopia).

 But more often in daily life the truth hides in plain sight, behind the nihilism and apathy - funding both and feeding the degeneracy of societies in every nation. Consumerism preys on one thing all people have got in common no matter what nation or culture they come from, that is to say we all have the same tendencies when we degenerate down to the bottom of the barrel. This ‘quality’ (anti-quality, or anti-virtue) which the unbridling of capitalism brings with it - degeneracy - is expedient to the spreading of unbridled capitalism, the process known as ‘globalisation’.

 The plutocratic nature of capitalism is so easily disguised because it is essentially a matter of proportions. We do have democracy of a (very poor) sort, we do have freedom of a sort* and we know we have capitalism because it is spoken of openly… but most people don’t think about the pecking order in this relationship, and so they don’t see that we have ‘capitalism of a sort’… the unbridled sort, the law of the jungle. The people assume they are getting a good deal and leave it at that, and who’s going to tell them any different? The corporate media? The politicians of the big three parties? Just the people who ‘benefit’ most in this deal with the devil, and those employed directly by them.

*(Although these freedoms can and eventually will be taken away by the people who own our debt.)

 The mainstream myth is one of bridled capitalism as the ideological tool of a ruling reality of freedom through democracy. But it’s just an illusion. Freedom through democracy exists in a lesser form than generally accepted, as an expediency of the ruling reality. This mythology is maintained because you will fight for what you perceive is your freedom, and you will fight for what you perceive as the source of that freedom, and so in technologically more advanced nations freedom and democracy are there, but as an expedient condition of output and services. ‘Free range’ is a useful way of conveying the image*.

*(Readers of George Orwell will understand immediately that we’re on the same path of comprehension which enabled George to write “Animal Farm” with the analogy of ‘free range’ people).

 The very acute nihilism of the unbridled capitalist system, ideologically speaking, does not in any way make the system non existent, just less visible in manifest ideological strivings. This is expedient because pathological secrecy is the survival tool of the plutocrat (see ‘Liberty’. Below), without which the people’s perception of freedom would fail and the whole nasty pyramid scheme of corruption would collapse. The most successful parasites don’t kill their hosts, in fact from the parasite’s point of view it’s best that the host does not know the parasite exists at all. If he spots it then let him think that it is a part of something indivisible to his welfare - lest the host be so outraged at the vile parasite’s appearance, gorged and stained with blood, that he tears the insidious creature from it’s hold and throws it into a fire.

 We’ve already considered that greed is the sole ideological goal of unbridled capitalism, but there are also other ‘qualities’ or ‘virtues’ (or one might say ‘anti-qualities’ or ‘anti-virtues‘) in the underlying nature of the ruling reality which give the system it’s natural ability to control the people whilst expediting it’s ideological goal.

The two ‘virtues’ that should be openly considered to glean a better understanding of the integral nature of the system that rules our world are desire and liberty. Understanding how these elements fit within the controlling systems is essential.


 Desire is the wellspring of unbridled capitalism. Desire is almost universally recognised and understood as the ruling force in this world in all the traditions of wisdom and all the major religions, or I should say it was - until the forces of anti-culture stemming from unbridled capitalist conquest disturbed the natural balance of the world.
 Upon desire blame has been laid for the totality of mankind’s woes. This little pearl of wisdom is hidden behind veils of legend, philosophy and religion but it is no longer widely discussed or even remarked upon in our society. We don’t teach our children preparatory stories giving warning of desire’s snares and pitfalls to ready them for life’s troubles, and in this regard we fail to arm them with the basic wisdom required for a happy life - then later we wring our hands and empower professional deceivers (politicians) to spew out law after law on a casual basis out of fear both for our children and of our children, all of which I’m sure you will consider a very poor state of affairs.

 After saying this knowledge is veiled I must say that one does not have to search behind too many veils to find it. In most traditions of wisdom there are teachings on this subject which are central to the cultures that hold the tradition. In all the Judaic, Muslim and Christian traditions such as ‘The Rock of Ages’ - the Roman Catholic church - desire is the sphere of power given over to the dominance of Lucifer, or Satan, the tempter and accuser who has been granted through desire’s power the temporary position and crown as ‘the prince (‘king’ or sometimes ‘god’) of this world’ (until the appointed but unknown hour for his second downfall, at the hands of God’s faithful and the messiah).

 Likewise in Buddhism the very central tenets fundamental to all schools of practice both in the ‘Mahayana’ and ‘Theravada’ traditions* are based on four observations, called the Four Noble Truths. first and foremost of these is that all existence is suffering. Second is that all suffering is caused by desire. The four noble truths then go on to state that desire and therefore suffering can be extinguished. Finally (fourthly) they state that the means to do this is through the eightfold path of Buddhism (which is another list, this time of 8 principles that are fundamental to the methodology of Buddhist technique).
*(‘Mahayana’ and ‘Theravada’ that is to say in both the ‘large vehicle’ traditions, which are open to all practitioners to achieve enlightenment and ‘small vehicle’ traditions, open to monks and clergy alone)

 Native American Indians had oral wisdom traditions, teachings in story form that passed from generation to generation through the wisdom of the elders which talk of mans beginnings; naked and cold in the forest the wise owl and other beasts of the land pitied man and so taught him the skills of hunting and the secret of fire, “Now man will never be cold and hungry again” they remarked between themselves but wise owl told the other spirit creatures that man would never be truly happy, never satisfied with his gifts in this world because, as owl said, he had seen into mans soul and the terrible hollow place within which try as man might (would and does) could never be filled.

Fire consumes and seeks to grow, it the ultimate consumer
 Desire is often symbolised by fire or a flame, consider why for your own meditation. Often such types of symbolism get around almost totally unconsciously, carried over even when the original purpose of the symbolism is consciously forgotten, and the most powerful forms of symbolism will be found again and again in art and legend, fiction and folktale, spontaneously appearing from the subconscious of the artist and the author time and again.

 The nature of unbridled capitalist rule is plutocratic rule by oligarchy, entirely constructed to take maximum advantage of human desire. It is secretive rule for the good of a few people of unparalleled wealth and as such, and because the ruling hand (expressing itself as debt, capital desire, legal and illegal corruption) is often invisible to the mass of people by design it’s decrees are not handed down directly from public figures holding near divine authority but rather these decrees are forgone in favour of manipulation formed of financial coercements, which in turn gives an impression of personal liberty. If one is unaware of the demigods of international unbridled capitalism with transcendent authority over material wealth a person might be inclined to accept the crapulence of the television ‘news’ and believe that no empire squatted upon and above the sovereignty of our nations, and believe one’s nation at liberty.


The Goddess of Babylon.
 Historical precedent demonstrates the keen awareness that exists in leaders for the compromised form liberty that is generated and maintained by the unbridling of capitalism. This compromised form of liberty has at certain key points in history been harnessed by leading individuals, knowingly, as a powerful manipulating factor in the control of populations. This lends itself towards the safe assumption that if, previously, leaders of civilisations under the ruling reality of unbridled greed knowingly employed publicised notions of liberty for the purpose of the manipulation of the populations under their dominance then it is likely that the same situation exists today. It might well be seen that the only mistake made by pseudo-divine leaders in past regimes was to put egotism above plutocratic secrecy.

In other words there is nothing new under the sun, our international unbridled capitalist global village has existed before. When the pedants squeal that communications and transport only allowed the global village to exist latterly I’d point out that to the Babylonians, the Greeks and the Romans the known world was a smaller place but it was unified under the same principles that it is unified under today. The great unifiers, like Alexander and Julius Caesar earned their territory with the blood and lives of their countrymen, but covetous of these lands that had been conquered, wishing to rule them in perpetuity and thinking only of their own glory they personally took on the customs and titles of these conquered lands and tried to level all the peoples and territories into a single mass, using capital desire and granted liberty as the tools. In doing this they gave the game away and showed that their own keen leadership in carrying the people off to war and conquest was only a selfish ploy done not for the reasons that were publicly vaunted but for the megalomania of their own greed for power. Caring little or nothing for their own people’s sacrifices laid down in the wars that handed their leaders international dominance both Alexander and Caesar betrayed the customs and cultures of their own people, revealing the lies that had supported their leadership during the periods that led up to their conquests of the known world. Alexander and Caesar revealed with their actions the true motivation for their wars, and it wasn’t the glorification or furtherance of their own people, it was for their own glorification and their own power first and foremost. Victor and vanquished would be levelled to equality in sufferance of their master. Both examples, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar, finally blew it and gave the game away entirely when they tried by their own hands to anoint themselves as international deities, deities fit to rule over all the peoples of the world simply by dint of their own megalomania, and both men were treated to an early death at the hands of their own people, Caesar stabbed to death on the ides of March by the senators of Rome, and Alexander, debatably, poisoned by his Greek cup bearer.

 It’s a curious type of doublethink. To seek conquest and to seek to overthrow every organisation, system and standard that people have created for themselves, to stamp tradition, culture and values into the dirt and to amass godlike domination over everyone else, to level all other peoples into one mass under one domination using pure egocentric self-interest as the motivation and even to hold this selfish insatiable self-interest to be a virtue above all others* whist at the same time believing that it is philanthropic to behave in this manner, to actually persuade oneself that this levelling is for the good of everyone because they will be much better off under a single godlike authorities domination.

*(i.e."Greed is good". The catch phrase I grew up listening to - not from Gordon Gekko - I was far to young to watch that film, but from the Conservatives of Margaret Thatcher’s government, who had adopted this arcane Luciferian ideal as there very own.)

 When we withdraw our minds from the communal trough of permitted thinking and stop living in denial of these self evident truths we soon, blinking and shielding our eyes from the unaccustomed light, stumble upon the stark realisation that in this world, in this age were freedom is granted as a condition of output, lady liberty is a whore. In Babylon* (the analogy of a globalised world) liberty is yours while you’re paying for her. Or more accurately in Babylon whilst it is of value as a condition of output for you to have Liberty then she’s yours. The degree of liberty is a matter of expediency, it could even be to a ridiculous extent if that serves the purposes of Babylon. When Liberty is used in this way she becomes a form of tyranny, as Plato once noted (Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.” [Plato]).

*(In actuality the largest idol in the world, the ‘Statue of Liberty’ in New York harbour is literally ‘The Whore of Babylon’. She is modelled as ‘Libertas’ by her French creators [the French gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States in the 1880’s]. ‘Libertas’, the Roman goddess of the expatriate slaves, the matron goddess of prostitutes.

Romans, as was the way with all peoples in ancient times - even with the Jews from time to time - pinched their idols from other great peoples. ‘Libertas’ was the Roman version of the Greek ‘Astarte’ and the even older Babylonian ‘Ishtar’, who was the patron Goddess of ‘holy prostitution’ known in the Babylonian empire as ‘The Mother of prostitutes’ and also ‘The Mother of Exiles’. Under all three names Lady Liberty was the same patroness of expatriates, slaves and prostitutes and was also the Goddess of victory. In all three cultures she was a contrivance of a route towards world domination, all three cultures used liberty as a prop for expansion and all three cultures at one time or another came close to ruling the known world, Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar [and perhaps earlier under Nimrod though history fails us before we get as far back as Nimrod], Greece under Alexander, and Rome under Julius Caesar. In all three cases, and especially so under the Babylonians who’s constitution that is inscribed on a bronze drum is a close approximation for the constitution of the United States the Lady Liberty was the all important state controlled tool of dominance.

 State granted ‘Liberty’ is the tool of empires. It is therefore of no great wonder that she who was the patron deity of Babylon is now the patron of New York - the ‘empire state’ - the home of Wall Street, the U.N. and the hub of the most massive international markets the world has ever known. New York, the city that seemingly started so well is now the stronghold of unbridled capitalist rule.
 Even in popular consumer culture there is evidence supporting this view. In one of the best selling video game series of all time, Grand Theft Auto, New York is mapped in detail as ‘Liberty City’. The content of the games, to all those who are familiar with them, speaks volumes about nature of consumerised liberty.

 Originally the huge statue in New York Harbour was to be titled ‘Liberty Enlightening the World’. )

 But yet Liberty is not loved by her red scaled pimp the House of Rothschild, their ilk, and those who facilitate them, the moneyed aristocrats of plutocracy. To those who own our debt and glutinously lay claim to more wealth than actually exists in the whole world (see below for an explanation of this gratuitous state of affairs) she is an expediency, a condition of output. Those who love power by nature hate liberty, and they are waiting to gobble her up in her entirety.


Note From The Author
 This is the first bit of the second part. Next we get some new insight into the the creation of money and the creation of debt - this is all brand new and it's a good way of understanding what controls are on your life right now. (Which is the whole point of the A.B.C.)


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