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A.B.C. Of Freedom  Part 2: Money & Debt, THE SECRETS OF CONTROL


 This is the second part of Chapter Two and follows straight on from 'Desire & The Cult Of State Liberty'. These two essays form the bulk of the second chapter, but the good news is that there is a third piece to Chapter Two that I’ll publish as soon as I get time to edit it. (This week).
The point to the A.B.C. is to give the reader the insight necessary to be able to interpret and understand the systems that control their lives.
In this, the second bit of the second part, we have a completely original and new insight into money creation and debt creation. We learn that the global plutocracy's money is not backed by gold, or any material resource - it is in fact backed by the ownership of the people and the strength of the deception that keeps the people enslaved.
Paul J.C. Ropper. 28th May 2011. 

 [Typo's and errors corrected @ 16:52 28th May]

A.B.C. Of Freedom  Part 2: Money & Debt

 The purposes of unbridled capitalism - the system that provides the global plutocrats their worldly power - are served best by levelling all nations into one indebted mass.

 Debt is not real because money (paper money = 'fiat currency' - from latin, meaning 'let it be', the decleration by government that printed paper should have material value - it's value comes from paper money being the only tender that governments will accept as payment of taxes) is not real, that is to say it is not really wealth it is in fact a concept, and it can be manipulated in countless ways. ‘Money’ is entirely in and of it’s self an abstract manipulation of ‘wealth’.
 As a by-product of the collapse of any pyramid scheme there is the creation of debt. This is true, when a pyramid scheme is compromised then there are those people who are left high and dry, but please note that in genuine as opposed to manipulated compromises on a pyramid scheme the debt is owed to the creditors at the lower end of the scheme by the criminals at the top of the scheme, not visa-versa. Please compare that with the reality now in September 2010 where U.K. coalition government cuts - which we are being groomed to accept as being due to ‘the deficit’ - are set to take 20% of the wealth of the poorest, the lowest in the pyramid, with the percentage decreasing right down to a paltry 1.5% of the wealth of the very richest towards the top of the pyramid*.

*(Now in 2011 we have seen that the very richest haven’t even sacrificed this projected figure of 1.5%. According to Forbes the richest are doing better than ever. This is largely the work of the current cabinet, made up of at least eighteen millionaires who are professional inheritors of wealth, like David Cameron, second cousin of Queen Elizabeth II who inherited his fortune from his banking family. Proof that our government, who create enforceable statute law are in fact not representing the people as a whole, but rather are the tools of the privileged few.)

 It appears that to the middlemen who stand between the plutocrats and the masses, that is to say the government who tax us, these pyramid schemes are so addictive that when one is bled to the point where it is no longer credible then it is of great value to them to enforce payment from the people in the lower echelons of the pyramid to the criminals at the top of the pyramid. Their view is that the people must ensure that the greed of the plutocrat is accommodated for and that the people must make payment for the setting up of the next pyramid scheme without which the systems of control that profit the middlemen as well as those at the pinnacle of the pyramid schemes would collapse.  It is apparent that society would change if these schemes were not in place. The terror of change felt by the parliamentary entity is unfounded, or perhaps founded only on self-interest, as the truth is society would change for the better if these pyramid scemes were outlawed.

 Debt is the gateway to slavery. Slavery is debt, debt is slavery. As a flat statement you might not find this particularly surprising or revolutionary, but it’s said that there is nothing new under the sun* and mistakes are doomed to be repeated over and over again - so I will repeat ‘debt is slavery’ . Say the words, “Debt is Slavery” feel them on your roll off your tongue Debt…is…Slavery.

*(It’s just a truism, ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’; obviously reality T.V or similar springs to mind immediately but of course in expiation of the obvious the retort would be that Romans loved reality spectacle (in the arenas). Say “Playstation violence” and the retort is “chess”. In reality the manifestations are new ‘under the sun’, but what stays the same is the human soul, human desire and the like).

 The systems of unbridled capitalism are self perpetuating, there is no point to them other than to perpetuate themselves and to perpetually achieve their single ideological goal, fulfilling the desire for wealth and power of the few at the top of the pyramid structures. You will work and you will fight wars but all your toil will know no end, no end other than debt and through debt - slavery. People sometimes ask me what went wrong with the economy (in relation to the recent ‘debt-crisis’), but the fact that people must come to terms with if they are not to spin down and down through cycle after cycle of ‘debt-crisis’ after ‘debt-crisis’ is that nothing went wrong with the economic systems, they worked perfectly. When your mother or father lends ten pounds to buy some item you need or desire they do this out of altruism and love, when your neighbour or friend lends you money it is for friendship and fraternal fellowship, when the international bastard, known as a banker lends you money it is for profit so that he can divest you of your property and your freedom.

 One of the ways that debt is created is by creating money out of thin air, a neat trick if you can do it you might think, incredulously, but it might shock and anger you to know that this is exactly what happens Banks have the licence to do this, literally to invent money - as much as they like - from thin air. It’s called the ‘fractional reserve’ system. What happens is that when you deposit money in a bank account (say £100) you loan it to the bank at an interest rate of between 0% to 0.5%, and the bank must keep a small fraction in reserve - three to twenty percent (£3 -£20) which is kept in the bank in which the money was deposited. The bank is then allowed to lend out between 80% and 97% of the money (£80 to £97) to it’s customers at a far higher percentage of interest than they are paying you, like the fifteen to forty percent you pay in interest on your credit from the bank.

 All fair enough so far (?), but what the corporate banks do, often having several banks under the umbrella of one corporation, or through several corporations working together (and often owned by the same few families) is they take the £97 pounds that is the share they are allowed to lend out from the £100 pounds that you’ve put into your bank-account in bank A and lend this £97 pounds to another of the banks under their own corporate umbrella, bank B. The actual paper money doesn’t move, it stays in bank A and bank A can still lend out £97 pounds of it to their customers for a higher interest rate than the rate they are paying you to borrow it from you - they don't actually 'lend' the money to their fellow bank but rather pass them a licence to create a new identicle sum of money. Bank B now also has this £97 registered on it’s books (although the money does not physically exist) out of which it can itself lend say 97%   (£94.09p) which it lends out to bank C, but still at the same time bank B keeps the full £97 pounds on it’s own books just like bank A kept the original £100. Bank C now has £94.09p which it both simultaneously keeps to lend to customers whilst at the same time passing on 97% of it (£91.25p) in make believe money to Bank D…and so on. Your original paper money is still in the vault of bank A but several hundred pounds of money supply now exist in the corporate banking system.

 The rules to this game (a game called 'lets own everything arbitrarily') state that the banks can invent as much funny money as they can lend. They aggressively lend this money as an excuse to create it, paying themselves gross amounts in bonuses out of the money they are inventing.

 What you need to know is fundamentally this, money, paper money, credit, digits on screens, is not wealth. Paper money (which is credit) is called ‘fiat’ currency, from the Latin ‘fiat’ meaning ‘let it be done’ referring to the decree of government that declares the paper ‘legal tender’.  Money is not wealth, it is a concept, a manipulation that can be useful to a nation in certain circumstances but is mainly used to serve as a way of transferring wealth to the greedy from the vulnerable. At a stroke when paper fiat currency is created the wealth of a nation is seemingly doubled, or duplicated, but essentially it is not doubled or duplicated because the paper really has no intrinsic value, only fiat value. Then as we can see with schemes like fractional reserve banking the concept (deceitful concept) of existing wealth is given the illusion of being magnified many times over, but in reality the existential amount of material wealth is not increased. If you consider wealth to be a material positive then money and credit is a negative, and so every pound sterling of fiat currency or credit that exists as a log entry in a bank's books or as digits on a screen is a negative that begs to filled up with a positive, a portion of real material wealth.

  Hence they are creating not wealth but un-wealth and for every unit of un-wealth they create for themselves we must fill that negative with the positive of real wealth, created from our labour.  Positive in this case flows to negative, wealth to un-wealth. When the banks create money at the stroke of a pen and issue it in the form of credit they are not creating wealth, they are creating a negative that like a vacuum that seeks to be filled with a positive, they are creating debt. They do this for the purpose of divesting you of your property and your freedom.

 What is also important is to realise is that this system is not capitalism… it cannot be capitalism because money is not capital, or representative of capital (since it is unbacked by commodities) it’s a piece of paper or a digit on a screen. Whenever in the past paper money has been issued as currency that currency has been backed by gold reserves or a similar commodity resource and the paper money represented some portion of the reserve commodity, hence the promise written on all Bank of England notes “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of Twenty Pounds” or whatever sum (of commodity) your note might represent. We used to have money in both precious metals and in paper forms as currency in simultaneous circulation, as people became more and more used to dealing just in paper money the governments used this familiarity to ‘cheat’ by printing more paper than it had gold reserves to back it up, but then as the precious coinage all but disappeared (you can still buy sovereigns and similar, but they are rare to say the least) and people became accustomed to seeing only paper money the gold reserves that backed that paper money were sold off in their entirety, there are no reserves of anything anymore to honour the promise that is still printed on every note, all that backs the currency now, and you should know this is true just from your own experience of this latest financial crash, is you and I, literally we ourselves have become the reserve commodity owned as we are by the union between the government and the banks and we ourselves back the currency with our hard work and tax.

 As I’ve said above (twice) the word ‘fiat’ comes from the Latin for ‘let it be done’ the dictation the government gives us to make valueless currency have value, the real value of the paper or digital money being that it is the sole form of payment the government will except for payment of taxes. By doing this, making this dictation, then giving licence to the corporate banks to invent money at will with no form of commodity to back it up the government and the corporations enter into a partnership of control and joint ownership of the people. The corporations become the executive arm of the (capitalist) government, the aristocracy of plutocracy if you like.

 As long as the people never think about the lack of value of their pretty pieces of paper then the charade works and so it became essential, during the latter half of the twentieth century forwards when the gold reserves were sold off to own and control the media, which is now completely state and corporate owned and controlled. The media the state and the corporations are the same thing, they are now indivisible to reasonable observers. This is not rule by capitalism, it is rule by dictation of ‘fiat’, by which the corporations invent arbitrary ‘money’, un-wealth towards which wealth flows, and the currency is backed by the ownership of the individual person by the unholy union of state and corporation.

 The licence to invent money is not the licence to invent wealth from thin air, as that would be impossible, rather it is the licence to control the real material existential wealth of the nation through the creation of debt.

 This is a system where the people themselves back the currency that they are paid in due to the absence of commodity reserves. Since we back the money it means the payment denoted by it is just a portion of our own labour, and those that create and multiply the money at will (there by owning a large portion of it) own our labour.

We are free range people and they, as parasites upon our labour, will strive to perpetuate and regulate it, increasing our toil to increase their power over us. They will create as much pointless labour as possible because that increases their hold and their actual material wealth - yet they know this system would not work if we too were to get real material wealth. So therefore get un-backed paper money which we will have to work for to be rewarded with and then we will have to work off the debt that we owe which is a debt of labour to the value of the money that we are paid in... for our labour (!!!) (many times over because of fractional reserve banking! Actually the correct formula is the value of the money plus all the other money in the country times by fractional reserve banking divided by all of us - include your children - they are slaves too I am very sorry to say, only they will owe more because it is a material impossibility to pay off the debt under this system, it will only grow) and what we buy with it will be consumer goods with designed obsolescence - stuff designed to brake.

 Do you hear the sound of the globalist's hellish hampster wheel squeeking? That rotating hampster wheel is what generates their power. Put their power is only as strong as the deceit which keeps us trapped in this global hampster trap.
It reminds me of the Pyramids. If you listen to a mainstream interpretation of why the Pharaohs ordered the pyramids built, projects which took literally all their people to work on and decades to build, they say it was done to subjugate Egyptian society before their pharaoh and as a social manipulation tool to bond society under central power. The pyramids were the ancient worlds hampster wheel.

I’m sure you’ve all seen a dollar bill..? For the reasons I am outlining here this pyramid imagery has been used by plutocratic power groups for centuries at least. Secret societies such as the Free Masons also use this imagery and see themselves in a philanthropic light as ‘the builders’ of society, fashioning themselves, they claim, after their founders - the original builders of the pyramids.

All the time in this the middlemen (politicians) take their cut in material wealth and the most secure legally recognised articles of value and material wealth.

 Paper money supposedly represents a portion of ‘wealth’, but the paper does not really represent a portion of wealth anymore it represents the ownership of the people and the strength of the system to control and own the people measured by the states ongoing ability to tax and control the people, the value of  fiat currency is set by the ongoing strength of the deceit whereby the people continue to give over real material wealth for the pieces of paper, or digits on the screen of the banks.

The end result is 1.4 trillion dollars plus 'national debt' debt for us*, the massive enrichment of a few, political power for those they choose to fund, and rule by plutocracy
*(The actual figure is immaterial, there was no way to avoid it and there is no way to pay it, it was never meant to be paid or payable. It never will be payable.
 If you want a picture of the future, imagine a red “overdue” stamp coming down on a human face, over and over again for ever

 One factor that helped cause the financial crash was the public backlash against dominant western Bush and Blair regimes when the ownership of the minds of the people became of apparent doubt (the ownership of the individual which backs the currency), when millions, literally millions of minds rebelled against the controlling measures of the state and corporate media. The crash coincided with the end of George W. Bush monkey’s administration. Bush’s neo-con administration’s failure to control the nations minds translated into loss of confidence amoungst the plutocrat power groups, and so caused the cashing in of the gambling chips of fiat currency by those ‘in the know’. As we’ve already considered we back the currency so, as a result ultimately we pay the price for our mental rebellion.

Rule by dictation, where the individual is owned by the union of state and corporation is called dictatorship is it not? Dictatorship can be ‘honest’ dictatorship, that is to say it can be overt, usually coming suddenly in revolution, and be clear to all that it is a dictatorship, but the problem with this is, as history shows, the people sabotage it because no one likes to be owned and controlled by dictate. But this is not the only kind of dictatorship, it can also be 'dishonest',  covert, not coming suddenly but rather creeping up slowly on  people and, learning from history, it can keep it’s purposes unclear to the people.

 This is not ‘capitalism’, I am not ‘anti-capitalist’ and neither are you (in all probability) if you understand that in reality the systems of control to which we are subjected are not capitalism. These systems are a perversion of capitalism, an empty sham of capitalism, capitalism without capital. Capitalism by secretive authoritative proxy is not capitalism, it is plutocracy. These systems are no more a system of capitalism than is burglary, or slavery, fraud or theft a system of capitalism. To call this capitalism can only either be a direct lie, or a mistake brought about by the lack of the individuals understanding combined with the systematic brainwashing of the population by facets these same systems (I.e the media is the state/corporations).

Sometimes for ease of communication these systems are sometimes now designated as ‘capitalism’ by people who know better but are locked into the terminology because no alternative exists but this is not capitalism because money, money un-backed by commodities that is, is not capital… this is closer to being solipsism*, or you could call it fiat-ism, or hypnotism or plutocratic dictatorship. But really non of these terms do the system that grew out of the merger of state authority, corporate capital desire and the cult of state liberty** proper justice as a descriptive term on there own. This system of social control which we endure is by definition ‘unbridled capitalism’, unbridled even by objective reality wherever the perceptions of objective reality can be distorted by image and authority, by media and educational control. As I’ve said at the beginning of the A.B.C. real capitalism is the tool of society, unbridled capitalism is the master of society.

*(Solipsism - belief in self as only reality: the belief that the only thing somebody can be sure of is that he or she exists, and that true knowledge of anything else is impossible. Therefore solipsism extends that imagination is the only existential reality and is alterable by will. The authority of government orders paper to have wealth and over time it appears to do so, and imagined wealth [un-wealth] surely does create existential power, and though that is undoubtedly true the author rejects solipsism and suggests that any banker or politician who becomes enamoured by the philosophy goes and stands in the motorway and disbelieves in the trucks… or tries gravities willpower versus there own in some amusing way.)

**(See A.B.C. Part 2: Desire and the Cult Of State Liberty.)

 As long as the charlatans at the internationalist banks, and just about all banks are internationalist for the reasons I’ll explain in a moment, are aggressively lending money, which is an enterprise that they can easily afford to corruptly enlist the help of politicians in (and just about anyone else, because as they must like to suppose ‘everyone has their price’) they will keep on inventing fiat currency and credit out of thin air, for as long as they are able to keep getting the positive wealth for their negative credit. This is the reason the price of gold has skyrocketed in the time since the crash, the whole idea, the entire plan of the banking system is to work each pyramid scheme for as long as possible and end up with as much actual existential physical wealth as possible at the end of it and so when the pyramid is threatened with collapse the people ‘in the know’ buy up as much existential wealth as possible with the make believe wealth. This further compromises the pyramid and is an existential measure of proof of my allegations of the obvious, that greed not philanthropy is the motivating force behind all such pyramids.

 One great (now historic) danger stemming from this has been that once they have all the wealth and we are left with all the un-wealth (i.e. in slavery), the wealth of solipsism, then we will be effectively boned for ever. It would seem we are there now. There are now only five nations on the world left without a plutocratically controlled central bank: Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya. Until very recently the number of countries without a central bank was seven and included Afghanistan and Iraq. The same people, families and financial houses have monopolised the creation of money and debt through these central banks all over the world.

This situation is aggravated by the threat that hangs over any nation and government who rebel against the international plutocracy, looking at that list above should inform you that politicians and governments who oppose the plutocrats die. Those that acquiesce get corruptly rich - it’s like the Persian emperors Xerxese's offer to Lioniedes* in '300'.

( My reply to the....“This is Spartaaa"!!)

All the banks are essentially internationalist in nature because the one threat that they employ above all others and dangle over the heads of the few responsible politicians who exist is that if you, the responsible and intelligent politician who is ‘in the know’ don’t give us a free hand to run our scheme here in your land then we will simply settle abroad and run our scheme in foreign lands. All that imagined international wealth will be at the behest of others rather than yourselves and will be used to overcome your country. The media will say you’re a criminal and responsible for our violence and you will hang. Imagined wealth, illusion and debt will depose your politics, will fund your competitors who kneel before the throne of unbridled greed… so the threat dangles like the sword of Damocles above their heads and you will often hear politicians bleating a spun version of it to the public.

Imagined wealth being a powerful tool as well as a curse (Like Tolkien’s ring) the responsible politician caves in and shuts up, his shame and guilt growing he later consoles himself (or herself) in large expenses payments drawn from tax payers and in doing small good deeds to expiate his or her sense of complicity and guilt. Then there is the other type of politician, the despicable scoundrel who gladly serves the great negativity that feeds like a remorseless beast and offers benediction to his people with the perverse observation that “greed is good”. These individuals deserve a humane punishment, though if they resist the lawful (see common law and lawful rebellion) efforts to remove them from all positions of influence then the urgency of the situation is such that globalism is treason and should be treated as such legally. (Never forget though everyone deserves a chance, and then a second chance, then a third, and so on until only the weight of greater harm and deliberate malicious intent gives sanction to the use of righteous force. Be better than them or don‘t act at all.)

 Thomas Jefferson had left a warning for the American people (I’m not one, obviously) on this subject which they would of done well to heed “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks) will deprive the people of their property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered”. How right he was, the mortgage crisis in the U.S. was the first (most corrupt) financial game that the banksters crapped out of during the crash.

 Andrew Jackson went further, addressing the treasonous money lenders and getting right up in their horribly inbred faces he said “Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves.”

He had been a fighting man, a general, before being President and he saw the danger drawing up around his people, so he fought the power of the banks and even abolished the deficit using presidential power as the trump card. Sadly the mongers of unbridled capitalism learned that principle has power to overcome tyranny (every now and then) and have, from what I can see, all but built fortress walls around the high offices of state both in the USA* and in Great Britain so that only their own anointed get those seats of power. Andrew Jackson himself said “It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes”. Yes regrettable indeed, though it is not entirely incurable, not at the present time although we are coming close to the last hope of mankind, with the ever increasing technological abilities of science being nihilistically superimposed onto a background of unbridled capitalist interest and manipulation. It is foreseeable that future generations, our children and grandchildren, will have no recourse what so ever to fight back against the manipulations which already rule our lives.


 The concluding part of Chapter Two be published here just as soon as I get chance to edit it together. I skipped certain bits to be able to present these two pieces of Chapter Two as articles. I'll present the rest in a shorter article A.S.A.P. to finish Chapter Two off. Expect it this week. 

 Thanks for reading and remember If you want a picture of the future, imagine a red “overdue” stamp coming down on a human face, over and over again for ever.

Paul J.C. Ropper Saturday 28th May 2011

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