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 Mike Mitchell with  -'The Door In The Great Pyramid To Be Finally Opened'
 Suzi Wong with - 'Big Questions About The Big Bang' 

Questions About The BIG Bang theory. An analysis by Suzi Wong.

 A.B.C. REVIEW: Suzi Wong has submited this excellent analysis of the highly flawed 'big bang theory', challanging one of scientism's fundemental tenants of faith by pointing out not one but eleven gaping flaws in the theory.

 This is the first article submited to the A.B.C. website and we loved it.
 Suzi Wong is a university educated business woman who owns a partnership in a steel construction company.which operates from the north-west of England.

 Read Suzi's article in full by clicking this link
- BIG Questions About The Big Bang Theory.

Article #2.
The Sophie Scholes Award Winning Poem - 'FREEDOM'. by Carly Hayes, aged 12.

A.B.C. REVIEW: Sophie Scholes was a German girl who started the "white rose" movement protesting against Hitler and his regime at a time when everyone around her supported the system - she (and her friends) were murdered for their non-violent protest.

 We find it encouraging that from the mouths of children, the next generation, we hear truths that adults in our generation are too afraid or too brainwashed to voice. The content in this poem proves there is yet hope, and should encourage us all to carry on the good fight - what ever the odds. If we won't do it for ourselves then let us stand up and fight for them, for their freedom.

 It's also an enjoyable poem in it's own right. 

 Read Carly's poem by clicking this link

Article #3.
Plastic Jesus.
A presentation
by Paul C. Ropper.

A.B.C. Review: Someone once said "A picture is worth a thousand words". A thousand words isn't very many (a few paragraphs) so In this article, intended partly for entertainment and partly as an eye opener revealing just how the plutocrats of unbridled capitalism see themselves and what their beliefs are, Paul C. Ropper uses three pictures to convey a very poignant message. 

 View Paul's article by clicking this link
- 'Plastic Jesus'.

Article #4.
Excerpt from A.B.C. Of Freedom Part 2.
by Paul C. Ropper.

 In this article we look at two of the anti-virtues that underpin the power of unbridled capitalism. Desire - the source of human suffering and the cult of state granted liberty, the religion of Babylon.

 View this article by clicking this link
- A.B.C. Of Freedom. Part 2.

Article #5.
The Legend Of The Leyland Cat Creature And The Buckshaw Beast
by S.Hayes.

 I love these types of article. It's entirely original with some great photography of the local church architecture. The man killing demon cat of Leyland town, embossed in the masonry of Leyland church could still be stalking the rural parish to this day.

View this article by clicking this link
-  'Cat Creature'

Article #6.
The Door In The Great Pyramid To Be Finally Opened.
by Mike Mitchell.

 Mike Mitchell is university educated, avid reader and writer widely published across the internet. His articles cover science topics ranging through the pararnomal and unexplained mysteries.

 This article covers one of the oldest and greatest mysteries known to man, with exciting news about the latest sceientific investigations into the Great Pyramid.

View this article by clinking this link  - 'The Door In The Great Pyramid'

Article #7.
NASA And SETI Astronomers Detect Alien Signal From Jupiter's Moon
by Mike Mitchell.

 Could it be? Are 'they' reaching out across the solar system from as close as home as Jupiter's moon?
Mike Mitchell updates us with the knowledge that every truth seeking earthling needs.

View this article by clicking this link - 'Alien Signal From Jupiter's Moon'

The Mystery Of The Mary Celeste
by Brenda Bagshaw

An olde but a goode. Brenda Bagshaw reminds us that some questions still are unanswered.